The Art of the WordPress Post

The WordPress Post.

It’s the heartbeat of your website.

Whether you post daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like you have something to say, your posts say things to your visitors using more than words. Unfortunately, you can’t go to Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style to get help formatting your blog post (though they can help you with grammar, which is a huge plus!) Even Corporate America is having problems with how bad basic writing skills have become!

Though we can’t help with your grammar, this series on TheWPDojo can help your post look the best it can be, improving your search engine ranking, and even improve interaction with your readers.

Topics we will discuss include:

  • Inserting photos and video to your posts
  • Using hyperlinks to create links inside your site or to other pages or websites
  • Creating links to download files from your website
  • Fonts and formatting, including lists, bullets, indention, and more
  • Tables, Tabs, and other advanced formatting tools

What’s your biggest problem with WordPress posts?

Have you been frustrated trying to make your WordPress post the best it could be? What one thing, if you could learn it, would make you a better blogger or help you make better posts if you knew how to do it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have a carousel on my wordpress site that works well. Only I would like to have one that will allow me to select the time between rotation of each picture item. Another thing that would be a great ability to improve the carousel would be if I could attach a link to each picture so when a visitor clicks the picture they are taken to information about that picture.

    • Hey James!
      Just about every well-programmed carousel has settings that will allow you to do that. With the simpler ones, you may have to edit the code, but the better ones like the DisplayBuddy Series of plugins from iThemes have settings that control timing, URLs, and all kinds of options.
      Since there are so many carousel plugins out there I can’t say off the bat how to help you with your particular site, but let me know which carousel you are using (maybe leave the link of the plugin from the WordPress plugin Repository) and I’ll see what the options are.
      Leave a link to your site too… would love to see what you are doing with WordPress!

  2. Finding somewhere that I could select from a library of pictures to have as my background in the wordpress site. That way when someone clicks onto my site they have an excellent looking blog that looks like a professional website.

    • Hey James!
      Setting a background image is easy – in your WordPress theme folder, there is a file called style.css. That’s your theme Stylesheet. You need to upload an image to your website and tell the stylesheet to use it. Here’s a quick set of steps:

      1. Find a background you would like to use and upload it to your media library.
      2. Once you upload it, copy the URL of the file
      3. Now you need to edit your stylesheet. Select Appearance…Editor from the Admin Bar.
      4. Once you are in there, it should default to your stylesheet file: style.css. If it does not, select it from the list of theme files on the left.
      5. Look for the section that begins with “body” and add the following line in it on a new line between the curly brackets: background: url("THE-URL-OF-YOUR-IMAGE");
      6. Save the file

      Once you save the file you can refresh your website in the browser, the stylesheet will reload, ad you will have your new background!

      When you get your image loaded, leave a link so we can take a look!


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